The Terms and Conditions for Arab Bank Verified By Visa/MasterCard Secure Code Service

These terms and conditions specify the rights and obligations of the Bank and the customer.

These terms & conditions should be read along with the Arab Bank Credit Cards terms & Conditions. In case of any contradiction, the Credit Cards terms & conditions prevail.


The Bank and its partners: Arab Bank plc, Visa International, MasterCard, and Service provider, and hereinafter referred to as (us).

Customer: Natural or legal person/singular, dual or plural. who has an account at the Bank and holding Arab Bank Credit Card.

Arab Bank Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code Service: It is a Service that enables the Customer to shop online using Arab Bank credit card with additional layer of security. The Customer will create a Password for this Service, which is used to verify the customer’s identity when performing online shopping transactions, and hereinafter referred to as “the service”, and this service is provided through Arab Bank and its partners.

The Credit Card: MasterCard/ Visa Credit Card issued by the Bank and enable the Customer to withdraw money or purchase goods or services.

The Participating Websites: Online website merchants Which are participating in Verified By Visa / MasterCard Secure Code

The Password: The Password created by the credit cardholder (Customer) through the service, which will be used to verify the customer's identity during his/her online shopping on the Participating Websites.

Terms & Conditions

1. By using the Service, the Customer confirms his / her agreement to these terms & conditions.

2. The service will be activated:

- By accessing the service dedicated link available on Arab Bank website.

- During the online shopping transaction.

3. In order to activate the Service, the customer shall provide us with required information to validate his/her identity and verify that he/she is the owner of the Credit Card.

4. The Customer is committed to provide us with correct, accurate information when activating the Service, and to update his/her information periodically and if it changed.

5. In case the customer fails to activate the service during shopping, the Bank/The Participating Websites has the right not to accept the payment.

6. After activating the service , and in order to complete any Internet shopping transaction with Participating Websites , the customer will be requested to enter his/her Password, and if the customer fails to provide the correct Password, the payment will be rejected

7. The service will be automatically locked in case the Password was entered more often than allowed, the customer shall refer to the Bank or contact the Call Center to re-activate the service.

8. Customer acknowledges that the service Password is a mean of identification and when used it is considered as a direct and his / her authorization to process the online transaction.

9. The Customer should change the password periodically. The Customer undertakes to keep the relevant User Name, Password, Credit Card information as confidential and private, and not to release them to anyone. The customer should exercise extreme caution when using the service on a PC in a public place or others sets. The Bank shall not assume any responsibility or harm that may arise as a consequence to the misuse of this Service or due to the customer’s breach of this obligation.

10. The Customer Acknowledges that the Bank responsibility is limited to authorizing the payment transactions

11. The Bank will not be responsible in the event of irregularity of the service, or non-functionality.